Meercat's Online Calculator Manual

By this calculator you can determine the value of an arbitrary arithmetic expression using the following arithmetic operations, functions or constants and any parenthesis structure.

Arithmetic operations
+ , - , * , / , ^

sqrt, sqr,
sin, cos, tan,
exp, ln, log, pow,
abs, round,
biko, fak, phi, phi_quant,
sum, prod

biko(n,k) binomial coefficient n over k
fak(n) n faculty
ln(x)=log(x) natural logarithm (log base e)
pow(a,b)=a^b power function
phi(z) distribution function of standardized normal distribution $\Phi(x)=\int_{-\infty}^x\frac{1}{\sqrt{2\pi}} e^{-z^2/2} dz$
phi_quant(p) $p$-quantile $z_p$ of standardized normal distribution: $\Phi(z_p)=p$, $0 \lt p \lt 1$
sum(f(i),i,i0,i1) $\displaystyle{\sum_{i=i_0}^{i_1} f(i)}$, $i_0\leq i_1$,
name of summation index can be freely selected
prod(f(i),i,i0,i1) $\displaystyle{\prod_{i=i_0}^{i_1} f(i)}$, $i_0\leq i_1$,
name of product index can be freely selected

Numerical constants
pi, e

Operative constants
res - the last actual result,
c1, c2, c3 - memories for interim results.
You can include these constants into arithmetical expressions.

( , )

cls - clear screen

reset- reset to start state

Definition of constants:

Syntax: def(name:value)

name - name of constant
value - arithmetic expression

The definition is activated by click to =
A correct definition is confirmend by OK and the constant is diplayed in constant window.

Example: def(5pi:5*pi)

Self defined one-dimensional functions

Syntax: def(name:definition)

name - name of function and name of independent variable in brackets, e.g. f1(x)
definition - arithmetic expression depending on independent variable

Example: def(f1(x):x*x)

Each definition is to activate by click to =
A correct definition is confirmend by OK and the functiom is diplayed in function window.

def(2_power(x): prod(2,i,1,x)) -> 2^x

Some examples (for copy and paste):

Some further 'examples':
: -)

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